How you can create Google Alert?

How you can create Google Alert?

A Google Alert is a tool and it’s a brilliant tool to get a lot on any specific news specific personality and you will get notification. As it happens on the web now all you have to do is go to Google alert and just search on Google search engine and then you’ll see on right on the top go into that tool and you can create alerts just by searching their name or let’s the industry.

So for example I want to create an alert on digital marketing and I put digital marketing as an industry and then I can unload view I can create a lot on that. And most importantly I would take this show options and then it will ask me a bit of details how often and what are the sources of language I want to eat a lot to come into my email right now that is connected to your email id by default your email ID. As you can see I’m already signed in with my real ID and I can just set this up saying as it happens at most once a day at most once a week and then sources automatic language region and how many only the best or one of the reasons about digital marketing.

Now one to peer is if you go far let’s say as it happens or once at most once a day and you create multiple alerts that might become Welchman you might get lots and lots of e-mails. So to make sure that for example if I’m just looking for an industry I don’t need maybe I don’t require the details or that once a day. So what I can set this up is at most once a week.

Once a week I really get to see a lot about digital marketing what’s happening on the web. Also what I can do is I can also create an alert about a specific personality. So for example I have created a lot. Jeff Bezos is an Amazon founder and I can obviously admit that I can I did let’s say once a week again and then leave all these as it is you can change that if you like it can change the language and you can just see what suits you best.

An update a lead story because I’ve already created and a lot on Jeff Bezos. I look at all the news as it is happening on the Internet. And I will get an allots once a week coming on to my e-mail address so you can go ahead and create alerts not only for an industry you can also go for personality in itself and then create alerts for that particular person.

That’s how you will create alerts and that is this is it for this video.


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