How you can find any duplicate content from the Web?

How you can find any duplicate content from the Web?

That means let’s say you have a Website and you hire a freelancer. And the right way you or anyone who writes any content for your website you might just wanted to check before you publish onto your website. Whether it has been copied from anywhere else on the web it is quite possibility that that some of the content might be copied from here and there and can be different scenarios. Like you know want to find out if that content is being covered or there has been. Which websites they have been Corporate from.

So for that we use a very simple tool. And I quite like that. It’s called And let’s see if I go to my website and copy some of the content here and then go back to this tool. And so it does feel that text I have copied and then I would lose people and search. It is a fatal but it is quite reasonable as you can see it only costed me to do this research is born zero 3 cents.

And you can buy it just for $5 it will take you you know and you can search any amount of content which is which you might feel or before just publishing on your website. Now you’re just giving me this result if I go into this compressed text it will then show me that it has to take me exactly to that website and then it would show me that number of words have been copied to 100 percent and it has taken back to my website and it has also highlighted this text where I’ve copied from.

So if you remember I went to my website and copied this and on the copy skip dotcom it is showing exactly where it came from. That’s how you’ll check your. The duplicate content. If there is any you can just double check and make sure all the content on your website is unique just for your website.


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