How you can identify whether a website is more mobile optimized by Google?

It is quite a necessary and important that the website needs to be mobile optimized. That means mobile friendly because there’s lots and lots of traffic on the mobiles. So it has become a ranking factor on Google Search too giving a lot of benefits to the Web sites too. Having a little while optimization. Now there are many tools on the web which can either identify that but in order to find it like in few seconds or very quickly what it could do is you can go to any Web site and you want to see whether that Web site is quite optimized what you could do is just from any corner just try to reduce the size and then try to make it as a mobile as it will look on the move.

So this is more like mobile optimized. And then you can see the content right at the bottom. What happens when you reduce the size. What happens is that your menu on the top. So if you see the menu right here which is this it will then fall into three lines or you can call it as a single bar. And if I’m just doing that you can see it is now as been compressed or it has been now as you know come into three lines which is become a menu.

So it is a mobile optimized sites. I’ll give you another example which isn’t. So if I go to this Web site and do the same thing now just look at the top of the menu if it gets you know get into the menu. And let’s do that with this. Now you see the menu on the top is actually hiding. So I can see as long as I am on the desktop it is showing but once I reduces it is not showing me at all. So there is no menu on the mobile side.

So this is how you can actually identify make sure that all the content when you are you know decreasing or reducing the size on the desktop all the if it is a mobile optimized site it will automatically will take all of those contents and make it as a mobile strategy site.


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